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Even if you think you are "hopeless at math", you WILL calculate in your head today - 100% guaranteed. Proven system succeeds straight away the first time you try it, almost like magic. Surprise yourself how easy "mental" math really is... and finally acquire the valuable skills of the person who is "good with figures..."

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"Your 'Fun with Figures' is a great little book - just the thing to impress my geriatric girlfriend."
- Harry Bell from Scotland 

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- Elizabeth Sutherland, retired mathematics teacher 

"Its one of the best books I have ever read."
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Wednesday, 2:38 p.m.
Re: Quick and Easy Mental Calculation ANYONE can Master  

Dear Friend,

It isn't your fault.

The reason you’re struggling with mental math is simple…

… you were given the wrong tools for the job.

Those “modern” techniques you were taught in the schoolroom have actually been holding you back.

You see, over 3000 years ago in Ancient India, the Vedics devised a system of mental math based around the way the mind naturally works.

Their system was completely different and far superior to the methods we use today here in the West.

Amazingly, this super-simple system was actually rediscovered in the 20th century, yet - incredibly - most people have never even heard of it.

As a result, you're still struggling with the unnatural western methods and find yourself in one of these two categories:
  • You think you’re simply “no good” at mental math and you reach for the calculator anytime you have to work with figures
  • You can do some calculations in your head, but know you could do much better if you didn’t feel so “mentally blocked”

What about you? Which category are YOU in?

Well the good news is… it no longer matters!  Because you’re about to discover the Vedic system for doing calculations in your head... using techniques so simple they make mental math as easy as thinking about your favorite TV show!


"Fun With Figures"

Brilliant Mental Math Short Cuts That Will Amaze Everyone... and Give You A Positively Unfair Advantage In School And In The Workplace!

Electronic Format For Instant Download!

Here Are Just Some Of The Amazing Feats You'll Learn How To Do:

  • How to multiply any 2-digit numbers together in your head within seconds! Like 26 x 38.… does that look hard? It’s simple when you know this ingenious method of multiplication.
  • The magic phrase you can use to instantly check your change.  You'll kick yourself when you find out how easy this is -- and you'll never get short-changed ever again!
  • How to calculate naturally - from left to right! Our dinosaur methods of math force us into the unnatural right-to-left techniques that are like trying to walk up the street backwards! Left-to-right makes math as easy as reading a book.
  • How to double-check your bills by using a single number. Save yourself loads of time with this simple secret known only to mathematicians and magicians… until now!
  • The easiest method ever for dealing with fractions! Using this simple technique, you can add and subtract fractions in a single step. You've never seen anything like this before.
  • A brand new approach to multiplication.   Ever had trouble with those multiplication tables? Using this little-known method, you can know the entire range of tables without having to remember anything higher than 5 x 5!
  • The simplest, most obvious, common sense method of subtracting - without having to remember the dreaded “carry digit" – another outdated and unnecessary mental torture!
  • 11 little words to instantly overcome the most-feared mental math sum of them all: long division. Using this ingenious mental device, you'll be able to perform long division within a few seconds and amaze your friends and yourself! “369 divided by 72?” Easy!

  If You Can Follow Simple Instructions
Then You Can Perform Math In Your Head!

In Fun With Figures by professional mathematician Kenneth Williams and computer programmer Murdo Macleod, you’ll find out exactly how to perform some amazing mental math in clear simple steps.

No dull theory here!

All the techniques are presented in plain, simple language that shows you exactly what to do, backed up by crystal-clear examples and quizzes where you can amaze yourself with your new math skills.

And don't take our word for it either. Take a look at...

What People Like You Are
Saying About "Fun With Figures"

"We've been trying the "left to right" method for addition and multiplication. My 12-year-old son picked it up in just a few minutes. Seemed very logical to him. I've been using it and have noticed that I am MUCH less likely to look for a calculator now when adding a few numbers."

David G. Wilson -- Victoria, Texas, USA

"Before taking your course, with numbers I was one of the dumbers. Now I can figger 'em good! You've done something that 'they' never could do at school some sixty years ago - taught me that maths is easy and not an insurmountable brick wall.

In one supermarket, having rolled up to the checkout with a loaded trolley, I was able to correct the 'young lady on the till's addition, to her and my surprise."

Charles Hill -- Salisbury, England

"What I particularly like about 'Fun with Figures,' is the sheer simplicity of the techniques contained within the course. There is no theory, there are no complications, there are no longwinded  explanations, there is just a simple statement of a technique, and  then a few examples. It is all so simple and so well presented.  

Another thing that I have noticed, is that now I do most of the fiddly little calculations in my head. I do a fair bit of graphic design and this often involves repeating very small calculations a  number of times with slightly varying data. Now as a result of 'Fun with Figures.' I set these as challenges to myself, and actually  enjoy doing them in my head.

I have also noticed that my ability to  remember a series of digits, and or numbers has greatly improved,  which can be important in graphic design. I would attribute my  improvements in mental arithmetic, and mental memory to the confidence which I developed from doing the 'Fun with Figures' course."

Brian Enery -- Cork, Ireland

"Actually, Fun with Figures has helped me greatly as I feel much more confident and I no longer depend on a calculator. I have found these techniques very easy to master and they do not require too many conditions to make certain calculations.

I am able to provide the answers to basic math related questions that arise in business meetings. People are impressed by instant correct answers. Similarly, I impress myself at the shopping centre as I am able to calculate the various taxes and percentages quickly and keep a running total of the total expense."

Dale Panesar -- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Thanks for the great Fun With Figures program. I've had so much fun learning these techniques and impressing my friends! I'm more confident using figures now that I've done your program and I rely on my calculator less with each day!

Most of all, it makes me realize just how powerful our brains are, and (a bit scary) just how much of that power we don't use...."

Kylie Russell -- Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia

"Hey, I am having fabulous results because of you. I work at Chick_Fil_A and I use the methods everyday to compute math. I am very excited about what I have learned and do show off my abilities every chance I get whether at a party or just a large gathering.

I also have showed my nieces and nephews how to quickly learn math and they have taken it to a new level."

Salem Fawal -- Birmingham, AL, USA

"I ordered Fun with figures for my sons who are 11 and 8. My 8 year old has been using this almost every day. They have some thing like Mad minutes at school. (Doing 100 single additions/subtractions in 5 minutes).

I don't have to think and give him 100 additions/subtractions any more. Fun with Figures generates as many as you want. He really is getting lot of practice and truly enjoying it.

I am teaching my 11 year old to do these things. It is our favorite game to play in the car while we are driving. They not only enjoy this, but are learning a lot and so excited to show off these skills in front of their friends.

All their friends have been taking private tutoring in math, and my kids with Fun With Figures can do the same things faster than their friends."

Krishna Priya Roy -- Troy, Michigan, USA

"I bought your programs to try and give my three grandchildren a helping hand in their ability to understand Maths. I am pretty good at maths myself, as I had a Grammar school education in the 50's. (I am 68 years old). However, I was having a tough job getting it across to them.

We baby sit once or twice a week and I sit them down in turn and let them work their way through the lessons.They are 13,11 and 9, and I must say they are progressing well and I am beginning to see the light of understanding coming on in their eyes, especially the two younger ones.

They have all had a school report in the last week and the teachers commented on the improvement. I am very satisfied that the programs do what they claim and I have learnt a few wrinkles from them myself,"

Lawrie Dickson -- Eastbourne, East Sussex, England

"Math is much easier. I don't have to remember complicated tables. I can do much of it in my head. However, I do have to go back occasionally and brush up to keep from forgetting techniques. But that's easy.

Other courses don't compare.  Too much complexity, and too much to remember. This course is the easiest I've seen and it does the job better than the others. It just feels better to not have to take on a pen and paper and start doing arithmetic long hand. For simple stuff, I don't even use a calculator any more. I can do it quicker in my head."

Rex Bennett -- Tampa, FL, USA

"As an ex accountant and later a statistician, I am fairly adept with numbers and math, but your methods introduce a measure of ease to calculations that otherwise would have been more labor intensive. Keep up the good work."

Walter L Dipple -- Camp Hill, Pa. USA

"I have gained valuable experience with the new skills I have now in my possession thank to fun with figures. Already friends and their friends are asking me for help with their maths problems, including the schools so they can pass on the lost skills to students. It really is easy to learn and fun, which makes it more interesting. I am really impressed and can't get enough."

Ric Moulder -- Norlane, Victoria, Australia.

"As a maths teacher I have found this extremely interesting and have used the techniques with my Year 8 group (age 12/13) who are below average at maths. I taught them the basic techniques from the e-book which they found fun and comments like: 'This is well easy!' 'This is fun' were going around the room.

I have found myself using the techniques in everyday situations, especially the multiplication. These techniques are also something the top sets can use in their coursework to show different methods of doing things.

I was most impressed with the book and shall continue to use it with future groups - especially those who find traditional techniques more difficult. So thank you for this help on behalf of all those in our school who find maths difficult."

Ruth Lowe -- Lichfield, Staffordshire, England

"Fun with Figures is the most informative and fun math program I've ever had. In a short time I had much improvement after a lifetime of poor math skills. I'm fifty one years old and didn't expect to be learning so much and having fun doing it! Thanks for a great product."

William Perry -- Taylorsville, California, USA

"I do 10-12 jobs a day and run a tally down the right side of my diary. Using the techniques prescribed in fun with figures, as fast as I can run my finger down the page I can total my days earnings."

Chris Hyde -- Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

"I have far more confidence, skill and understanding of numbers now than before I discovered your excellent 'Fun With Figures'. I have not done any other math courses since school, but the F.W.F. courses are far superior to anything I learned at school. Vedic Maths (particularly your course) should be taught in all schools, and I think many children who now do poorly with the standard system (as I did) would excel."

Andrew Kirton -- Utrecht, Netherlands

"I was always disappointed by not having the ability with numbers. What I didn't have was the right course. Thanks to Fun with Figures I feel this  is my area of expertise now.

My mental clarity with  numbers is present since I am able to understand numbers in logical and fun way. I rather use my mind  than a calculator just because it's fun and accurate  all the time.

Today I can laugh at my past with  numbers. Thanks again you are doing a great job.  Better than what I learned at University and it only took a couple hours. You guys teach success!

Yes my friends are always impress when I make "calculations in the air" as we say in Mexico for mental arithmetic. My sister was very impress too when I asked her to test my ability with numbers since she knew this was a difficult subject for me in  the past."

Marcell David -- Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico

"My principal intention was to find a different approach to maths for my kids, aged eight and ten. I had scoured the net following as many leads as I could and came to  your website, and there has been no regret at all in the purchase of 'Fun With Figures'.

I am personally quite surprised at the simplicity of the approach,  bearing in mind that some of this work has ancient origins. I had derived my own way of 'cheating' at maths to find easier solutions but found it hard to transmit that to my kids, mindsets being highly individual.

What 'Fun With Figures' has done for my kids is given them an easy confidence and a respect for maths, borne out of  fun and the ease at which it is grasped."

Luis Commins -- London, England

"I am finding the fun with figures course very useful in my every day life, I always used to do things the hard way and now I've found a simple way to do maths. Keep up the good work"

Colvin Bennett -- Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

"Before I came across this course I was math phobic.

My earliest memories of math class bring back feelings of humiliation and a battered self esteem. The ability to calculate and estimate quickly and easily are crucial in everyday life.

Most of the calculations I used to do on a calculator are now done in my head. Now I can leave my calculator in its case and save on batteries too.

This course has really opened my eyes. It is superior to anything I have come across before. I must ask myself why these simple techniques were hidden from me for so long. Life would have been a lot easier if I had known about these techniques as a child."

Michael Murray -- Salem, Oregon, USA.

"I went for an interview with a well established Estate Agent. We happen to be working on percentage regarding commission to be made on certain expensive houses.

I was able to work out the percentages mentally quicker than the two managers interviewing me.  They were impressed by the speed I did this. They assured me that they will be calling me back for a second interview.

I must say the only regrets I have is that I wish you chaps were around when I was doing my maths exam in School and College. I am positive that I would have been one of the richest men in London. Thank you for giving me the confidence in Maths."

Hector Harris -- London, England

"Thanks for revealing secrets on the 'Fun with Figures' package. I got four kids who are reaping all the benefits of these amazing secrets. They are far better in their math skills and certainly got higher grades. I reckon this is the most worthwhile investment I made so far. More power to you...."

Terelou Lazarte -- Glenfield, North Shore, New Zealand

"I have amazed some friends with the speed with which I was able to multiply large numbers, simply by employing those rules outlined in the book. I had one person jokingly accused me of 'cheating'!

Definitely the techniques have increased my appreciation of mathematics two-fold. Previous courses now all seem so boring in comparison. I did well in maths in college, but can you imagine how much better I would have done if these techniques were known before?

"Fun With Figures" is definitely an ebook I am recommending to my 17 year old. She will be starting College soon and I am sure she will benefit tremendously. Your ebook is really FUN. Friends are still mesmerized by its simple power."

Horace Palmer -- Miami, Florida, USA

"I have found Fun with Figures an invaluable tool in simplifying the way we do math calcs. I have started exposing my children to the techniques, and they are so much easier than the way they are being taught at school.

(By the way - why don't they teach this stuff at school?) I think that everyone should have Fun With Figures and I think that Parents should be teaching these methods to their kids."

Alfred Boros -- Geelong, Victoria, Australia

"My nephew and son are doing real well at school and often times I am told are the envy of their classmates.  They seem to leave their teachers quite amazed with their newly acquired skills.

I am proud of their math skills. At times during get-togethers we are able to calculate individual costs/estimates faster.

Or at fast food places often we come out with the return change amount even before the cashier can ring up the food sale that's including the taxes. "ok smart guy, what next?" looks are common at times like these."

Srinivas Venkateswarlu -- Duncanville, Texas, USA

"I was quite good before (Aeronautical Engineering Graduate) but not good enough to get the job I wanted as a futures trader (financial markets). Vedic maths gave me the edge and I got the job I wanted. I would like to say thank you, it is a very impressive system."

Eimhin Deroiste -- London, England

"I have always regarded myself pretty mathematically minded but I now realise just how much the conventional methods we are taught in school are so over complicated when much easier methods exist.

By using surprisingly few techniques, I have totally changed the way I look at numbers now.

I can now work with numbers from left to right and after some practice have mastered the carry technique. This one powerful tool not only applies to multiplication but to addition, subtraction and division also.

So you can see I have been greatly inspired by the methods. I know how I'm gonna teach my two year old son when the time comes so he'll have the best possible start in the world of figures."

Paddy Reilly -- Mullingar, Ireland

In just 52 easy-to-follow pages, you’ll discover how to perform some amazing mental math feats you can apply anytime you come up against “the figures”!

And although that's already a powerful skill to possess... it's just the beginning!

Because when you learn the secrets of mental math, you’ll start to enjoy a whole range of additional benefits in your life.  You'll find yourself being able to...

  • Handle problems without stress! Problem-solving is what math is all about… and as you discover how to solve problems you previously thought were impossible, you’ll find yourself applying the same calm thought process to all of life's problems!
  • Develop laser-like concentration. Being able to give something (or someone) your undivided attention is one of the keys to success in life. Mental math, even just a few minutes a day, gives you this skill… naturally.
  • Save yourself huge amounts of time. Why waste your life searching around for a calculator and hunting and pecking the keys to get the answers to simple problems? Just look at the numbers and write down the answer!
  • Boost your career prospects.  Numbers are at the very core of business and by quickly developing a head for figures you'll be able to pass exams more easily, get promotion at work, or even change jobs completely and get a better-paid and more rewarding career.
  • Crack those aptitude tests! Mental math almost always features in aptitude tests that many companies use to weed out the “poor” applicants. With this powerhouse of skills at your disposal, you never have to worry about those tests again.
  • Impress the heck out of people, whether it’s at work, in a meeting, or when visiting your bank manager! Skill in mental math is something everyone admires and associates with high intelligence. (Just let them think that - don’t share your secrets with them!)
  • Give your child the gift of knowledge… and a powerful advantage in life. Math forms the basis of many important subjects, both in school and in careers. There are too many people in the world who haven’t fulfilled their potential because they wrongly believed they were “no good at math”. Don’t let this happen to you and yours.

On seeing this kind of work actually being performed by the little children, the doctors, professors and other "big guns" of mathematics are wonder-struck and exclaim:

'Is this mathematics or magic?'

And we invariably answer and say: 'It is both.  It is magic until you understand it; and it is mathematics thereafter'...

Bharati Krsna Tirthaji
Vedic Math Scholar

The amazing Fun With Figures system is only available from this website. You won't find it for sale on Amazon, eBay, or in any bookstore!

Suitable for everyone from age 8 and upwards, Fun With Figures is written in simple terms that anyone can understand and put to use immediately.

 Okay - So How Much Is This New Skill Really Worth To You?

Previously, if you wanted to learn mental math, you were stuck with either going back to school, studying a load of books, or hiring an expensive tutor.

Well the good news is….

  • You don’t have to go back to school
  • You don’t have to travel to night classes
  • You don’t have to hire a private tutor at $25… $35... $50 a lesson
  • You don’t have to waste weeks and months wading through huge books filled with dull math text.

And best of all - you never have to struggle with mental math and embarrass yourself in front of others ever again.

Whether it’s for your career, your studies, your family, or your self-esteem - you can crack this thing right here, right now, at your computer in the comfort of your own home.

You can cure your “secret problem” - literally within the next few minutes - and finally discover how easy it is to calculate in your head.

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Which means you WILL be calculating in your head minutes from now – guaranteed.


The Unique Fun With Figures:
Mental Math Brain Trainer Software
(value $24.77)

"Mental Math Brain Trainer is wonderful. I love it as it loads easily, user friendly and a great brain tuner. Works like a Vedic charm!"

Dr. Jonn Mumford -- NSW, Australia

The Fun With Figures Mental Math Brain Trainer Software' is NOT your average math practice. This is a carefully structured, complete mental math trainer designed to give you the maximum mental math skills in the minimum amount of time.

Custom-designed for Fun With Figures clients, this exclusive software contains 100 mini training modules to build your mental math skills quickly in easy steps.

Every module contains:

  • Lesson area explains what to do and how to do it. Also acts as a reminder, motivator, and a complete mental math course right at your fingertips.
  • Random question generator offering unlimited math practice - meaning you never run out of fresh practice sums (unlike math books).
  • Interactive area where you type in your answer and get immediate feedback on whether you were right or wrong. (And following the Fun With Figures methods, you'll be right every time.)

The Mental Math Brain Trainer covers the whole mental math field: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Percentages, Fractions, Decimals, Time, even 'Streetwise Calculation'.

The Fun With Figures 'Mental Math Brain Trainer Software' is fast and easy to use.  It's suitable for anyone of any age, and runs on any computer running Microsoft Windows.

So what are you waiting for? Use the software just a few minutes a day and you'll see your math skills improve beyond recognition - guaranteed!

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To your new skill,

Kenneth Williams
Murdo Macleod

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